Aicomp: A global Consultant for SAP software and ERP solutions for packaging manufacturer


SAP industry offers an extensive range of software solutions. It is difficult for clients to understand which solution can best meet their individual requirements. A very good knowledge of the industry is necessary to be able to advise customers reliably. Furthermore, additional developments around the SAP solution are often necessary. In the end, however, these must also be able to be seamlessly integrated into the system so that they are accepted by the user. In addition, none of the SAP products can be transferred to the customer as standard.

Through acquisitions and rebranding, the SAP offering changes very frequently. A little more consistency and transparency would be desirable. But it is not easy due to the existing size and structure of SAP. However, since Aicomp is always interested in honest customer communication, they see a good opportunity to convince clients and prospects here.

The leading provider for complex SAP variant configuration:

Aicomp was founded in 2000 by 5 people who focused on delivering SAP ERP projects for the growing market of the packaging industry. “It aims to provide industry-specific customizations and functions that cover the specific needs of packaging manufacturers.” Continuing it good work, after 1.5 years, the company grew quickly to 20 people. In 2002, Aicomp started expanding the business to other countries. Today, there are 100+ employees and more than 135 customers worldwide. Its SAP ERP and VCPowerPack installations are running productively at more than 155 locations in 20 different countries. Jens Hennecke, CEO of Aicomp, sees the growth as the achievements of all founders, partners, board members and employees.

With offices in the US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria Aicomp operates with multinational teams. As one of the leading providers of configuration solutions for SAP ERP systems as well as implementation partner and reseller for SAP Cloud solutions, Aicomp offers software products and consulting services to support clients from mid-sized companies to global enterprises, with end-to-end scenarios and from the customer inquiry, to product configuration, planning, production up to industry-specific reports.

If you’re thinking about implementing or upgrading ERP software in your business, first talk to software partners who really know your industry and check the references carefully.

– Jens Hennecke

In combination with their SAP add-on VCPowerPack, the focus is on industry specific customization and SAP Add-on functionality to cover the needs of companies that have a high demand to comprehensive product configuration, costing and pricing of make to order scenarios as well as automated master data processes.

Equipped with more than 20 years of experience in implementing software solutions for companies we offer full turnkey solutions from planning, implementation to roll-out with a modular approach that saves our clients both – time and money. Our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing high-quality, industry-specific solutions that are tailored to best fit their needs and budgets. For large enterprises, our business solutions and consulting services are flexible enough to grow with changing business needs.” – Jens Hennecke, CEO

Aicomp delivering solutions for packaging manufacturers:

As a Co-Founder and CEO of AICOMP Consulting GmbH in 2000, besides the normal project work in customer projects Jens Hennecke was responsible for sales of the at that time worldwide unique industry solution “PaperPACK” for the packaging industry based on SAP R/3. From 2002 onwards he was CEO of AICOMP Consulting Suisse GmbH. During this time, he was ensured continuous expansion of entrepreneurial performance in coordination with the local CEOs of the other Aicomp group companies. That included:

•             Development of new locations in Europe for improved local customer service

•             Successful merging of individual companies into one group

•             Strategic responsibility for the market development of the industrial solution (today called: IS Packaging)

Since 2017, Jens is CEO of the Aicomp Group for the region EMEA and spearheading mainly the European operations of our global On-Prem, Cloud and CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) software solutions firm with offices in Europe, UK and the US.

Configuration solutions for SAP ERP systems:

Even before the pandemic, Aicomp had created more resource-efficient structures that had significantly reduced the need for local customer support without losing proximity to the customers themselves. The company were able to benefit from this in the current situation. Although they can’t have direct contact with their customers. That is why they have decided to develop new formats together with their customers to make an exchange even more efficient.

When environment changes, a company is also required to react quickly in order to keep up and remain viable in the long term. Speed is one of the most important factors today. Aicomp has more than 20 years of project experience with SAP R/3 and S/4HANA installations. Their consulting engages on eye-level through an experienced and flexible team, which can adjust their know-how according to client wishes at implementation.

Aicomp rely on a standardized and predictable methodology that is lean and fast while integrating the iterative and agile approach where appropriate, such as configuration and testing. This enables them to run processes with best practice approaches and involve the customer in the configuration and testing cycles from the beginning, which ensures that the solution fits their business.

Their industry solution IS Packaging is a powerful ERP system, which combines applications of the SAP ERP S/4HANA Business Suite with their configuration platform VCPowerPack. With tailored functions, the company’s IS Packaging fulfils the special requirements of product configuration and order registration of industry-specific business processes through pre-integrated, standardized end-to-end solutions.

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