VisionSoft Inc.: All-in-one Migration to SAP S/4 HANA


SAP Industry is mystified by lack of automation and migration tools for S/4 HANA conversion that address Zero down Time, Custom Code Remediation, Process Configuration Automation, Data Carve Outs and System Refreshes. Today, SAP clients face significant challenges while migrating to newer version, S/4HANA and EHP Upgrades due to Custom Code complexity and Master Data Mappings. The huge data complexities and inconsistencies with existing data while sharing it with trading partners and clients result in pricing errors, inaccurate invoices, and stock-outs across the supply chain.

Guiding Light of the Company

To help their customers navigate through these challenges, VisionSoft offers products such as HANEYA®, DMAG™, and HANELytics® that aids in S/4HANA migration, data quality fixes, and achieve 40-50 percent TCO optimization for managing S/4HANA upgrades and operations. “We specialize in helping businesses of varying sizes realize their full potential by transforming their systems landscape, simplifying their process footprint, and by streamlining their workflows,” says Anji G Reddy, CEO of VisionSoft.

VisionSoft was founded in 2007 to address key enterprise-technology challenges triggered by the changing dynamics of digitization and cloudification. With a strict focus on cloud, and exclusively on S/4 HANA platform, VisionSoft provides solutions to help its clients migrate smoothly into the S/4 HANA cloud platform.

The company’s goal is for the organizations to focus on their core business, while leaving their IT and transformation needs to them. The company offers a compelling blend of sustained credibility, Historical Success, and their Vision and Thought Leadership to take their client’s business to the next level of performance.

To simplify the transformation landscape and offer end to end IT services with risk free execution and high performance @1/3 of the cost.

– Anji G Reddy

Leadership Behind Organization

Anji G Reddy is a thought leader with 27 + years of experience in delivering technology solutions across industries. Anji Reddy is a globally recognized domain expert in SAP HANA®, Data Management, and Salesforce across industry verticals: Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Food Distribution & Media industry. He is the founder of Haneya®, DMAG™, HANELytics®, Curatum™ and VSe-Commerce™ for Robotic S/4 HANA Migration, Seamless Data Management, Omni channel E-Commerce, & Customer Digitization.

He sets the strategy of Marketing, Operations, Sales and Managed Services for the company, Develop & Sustain marquee client relationships, and institute technology direction by architecting innovations to meet client needs.

“We specialize in helping businesses of varying sizes realize their full potential by transforming their systems landscape, simplifying their process footprint, and by streamlining their workflows”, He added.

Transform the enterprises into the digital age

VisionSoft has engaged with an SAP client that has high volume transactions daily to help them achieve Zero Down Time with Unicode conversion automation for their SAP EHP upgrade and S/4 HANA Migrations. The client had multiple systems and wanted to migrate the OS from AIX to Linux and the DB from Oracle to HANA.

VisionSoft is an authorized Service SAP partner to move the clients from ECC EHP4 to EHP8 and then, migrate to S/4HANA to cash on the opportunities with Digitization, Business Performance and S/4 HANA functionalities. Also, the company brought innovations and improvements to the table with Custom Code Remediation, Data Carve Outs and transformation, and Process configuration automation that are key drivers to S/4 HANA Migrations via Products: Haneya® and DMAG™ which cuts the migration cost in half.

Key Factors Behind VisionSoft’ Success

SAP Clients are looking for automation and virtualization to rebuild and rebound from Pandemic time and thrive in the future.  Using VisionSoft’ Process Automation (VPA) and their virtual Distributed Strategic Sourcing (DSS) strategies, clients can continue pandemic way to conduct business and rebound for the future. Their SAP Solutions such as our products, HANEYA®, DMAG™ and HANELytics® help clients navigate many challenges for S/4 HANA Migration, Fix Data Quality, and achieves 40-50% TCO optimization going forward for managing S/4 HANA upgrades and operations. HANEYA® and DMAG™ have perpetual license model and can be leveraged to address the above key challenges very economically.

HANEYA® is a robotic S/4HANA migration solution that encapsulates all migration activities together to handle the SAP HANA migration for SoH and S/4HANA in an automated process with minimal human interaction to optimize the cost and effort. It is a robotic process configuration, master data remediation, security role updates, and a custom code remediation tool that automates custom code incompatibilities, replaces obsolete transactions and tables, and updates security roles automatically.

As SAP S/4HANA market picks up steam, our HANEYA® will secure strong foothold with the current SAP customers in the U.S, Canada, followed by Europe”. Initially, we will focus on DMAG™ delivery in the USA market and then, roll out DMAG to European and Latin American markets in 2021,” proudly asserts by Anji Reddy.

Serving The Client First

As a CEO of Visionsoft, Anji align his teams virtually with various clients across the globe in their time zones to serve the clients. Anji and his team deploy their tools and support their clients in its region. Deploying Visionsoft Process Automation (VPA) tools and using their Distributed Strategic Sourcing (DSS), their clients thrive 2/3 of cost savings to their bottom line with speed to delivery@ high quality.

He believes to keep the employees happy and motivated which in turn has increased their throughput multifold. Long standing employees have strong customer relationship and are instrumental in driving the organization to higher levels. As the company’s culture is client driven with sense of urgency, passion and integrity in what they do for their clients daily.

Also, Anji advises, “Put your clients first! Client Value and our success go hand in hand. When we demonstrate and realize compelling value to our clients while adhering to our core values, success and prosperity automatically follows for us. The path might be difficult, but the destiny in inevitable. Though striving for client value and our success @same time is tough, that is only way we can compete and thrive in this COVID economy.”

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