Dr. Chytra V. Anand: World renowned Multi award winning Cosmetic Dermatologist


With rising demand of fast paced corporate lifestyle and increasing awareness of how healthy skin and hair is important for one’s life, more people are looking for cosmetic treatment options that are effective. However, not a lot of choices are out there which can have the latest technology with medical expertise that Kosmoderma has. A lot of people end up using beauty with creams and lotions, which work at superficial levels. Kosmoderma Skin, Hair & Body clinic aims to change the way skin and cosmetic treatments are administered which provide long lasting benefits to people.

Dr. Chytra V Anand, an internationally renowned Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist and Founder of Kosmoderma Skin, Hair & Body Clinic, shares her views on competing with foreign brands that are flocking to the Indian mainstream.

She says, “The international brands don’t have the know-how of treating Indian skin types”.

An Influential Leader, Journey as a Dermatologist

After completing her MBBS in JSS Medical College, Mysore, Dr Chytra V Anand went to London to study for her higher education. She is a graduate of the prestigious Guys & St Thomas’ Hospital in London, where she earned her Master’s in Dermatology. She has been on the expert panel for her talks on Cosmetic Dermatology topics at various conferences and meetings nationally and internationally.

Today I am happy to say I work on the future of Kosmoderma , not the current.

– Dr. Chytra V. Anand

Dr Anand moved back to India to pursue her dream of opening a chain of world standard skin, hair & body clinics in India and started a specialist Cosmetic Dermatology clinic and Bangalore’s first MediSpa Kosmoderma. Today the brand  has 6 clinics spread across Bangalore & Chennai . Her clientele comprises of people from all walks of life including stars from the Bollywood, Sandalwood & Tollywood fraternity, fashion models and prominent corporate personalities.

She has trained over 800 doctors in Aesthetic Medicine procedures and is credited with pioneering Aesthetic Medicine & Cosmetic Dermatology training in India. The Academy has attracted students from India, UK, Europe, UAE, Africa, SE Asia and is considered a top-notch training facility.

She is considered to be the leading cosmetic dermatologist and opinion former in India today. She is credited with introducing fractional laser for acne scar rejuvenation & non-surgical thread lift procedures to India. She has to her credit to having performed the highest number of Botox and Filler injections in South India. Dr Anand is popularly known as Dr Fix It by her patients who travel from other cities and countries to seek her expertise. She is sought after for her advanced and developed sense of aesthetics by patients and other doctors. Her patients and students swear by her brilliance and techniques.

As healthcare will evolve and get more eyeballs in future, a planned concentrated approach is required for this sector to grow vertically & horizontally. She has a mission is to open three franchisees in 2021 and two self owned clinics.

A winning mindset wins over skill as skill can be taught and honed, but mindset change is very hard.

– Dr. Chytra V. Anand

Innovative skin and beauty industry

Kosmoderma’s excellence is to provide the gold standard of healthcare in skin, hair, body and beauty, to bring satisfaction to the clients/patients and to be the first option/preferred choice for customers, be a preferred employer for the skin and beauty industry. Kosmoderma aims to set the benchmark in the skin and beauty industry & to work with the Medical and Beauty Community to bridge the gap between Medicine and Beauty. Kosmoderma plans to expand its base in other parts of the country to replicate the success it has achieved in South India .

Kosmoderma prides itself on being ahead of the curve and setting trends for others to follow. The brand had built on an online presence several years back and during the pandemic they transitioned into 75% online.The company had already built in a product line to their service line, and they worked on making this a larger portion of their sales as during pandemic skincare products increased and the sale of services dropped.

Dr. Chytra  aims to offer safe, effective, affordable and personalised aesthetic medicine procedures to Indians with the latest and best equipment’s & personnel while maintaining global gold standards and also aim to be the best always & Inspire Confidence.

She believes in a hands-off approach, hire talented motivated people and let them do their magic. It’s also about keeping her eyes and ears open and planning for 3 years ahead. She is one of the best Celebrity dermatologists in India with a team of highly qualified and trained doctors.

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