Christian Schuhmacher: A Veteran bringing the Best of British Healthcare to the UAE


Today, the healthcare industry around the world is at a turning point. Technological advancements, changes in the healthcare delivery and payment models, alongside the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic are the major reasons fueling the changes in the healthcare landscape. These evolving circumstances in the healthcare sector have posed numerous challenges for today’s healthcare leaders.

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How Internet of Things is Changing Healthcare Industry?


Many in the business community view IoT devices as interesting consumer gadgets, like the Fitbit or the Apple Watch. Increasingly, though, IoT devices are coming into their own for business and industrial use, and in the process reinventing such industries as healthcare. It has great potential and multiple applications, from remote monitoring to medical device integration. Visualize a future in which all healthcare specialists that are involved in the care for a patient have easy access to the same general view of that patient whether it’s in a high-tech hospital…

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Adopting the New Normal for reshaping healthcare


2020 has been used up by the global pandemic of COVID-19 and its overwhelming effect on healthcare systems worldwide. The COVID-19 battle has pushed the countries to upgrade their healthcare technologies and other fields of tech. But all of this is happening too fast and while this may be good news during a worldwide lockdown, this dramatic change will surely create a new world after the dust settles. Pandemics and healthcare crunches in the past have been continuously defeat people and governments all over the world to take public health…

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