Dr. Ruuparao: A Passionate Professional Helping Students Build Their Bright Future


Colleges and universities around the nation have briefly closed and rapidly moved from on-campus, face-to-face learning to distance learning to stop the spread of coronavirus and maintain safe social distance. Although several academic units have already begun mixed learning, several are still stuck with old procedures. This catastrophic condition forced them to leverage modern technology and incorporate online, distance education into their programming, thereby providing the future-ready course to students worldwide. Dr. Ruuparao(the Founder President of the Noble Institute of Education Society (NIES)) says that the mode of distance education is changed online. She states, “More and more institutes are adopting online mode for their distance education system. Hence, we can say there is a constant flow for distance education blended with online mode.”

Let’s Look Inside Her Excursion

The expedition of Dr. Rao’s life as an entrepreneur was thrilling and uplifting. She has over 20 years of challenging and progressive experience in Education, Training, and Administrative fields. She is passionate about helping individuals live to their true potential and support individuals, business owners, and corporate executives in their journey towards being highly effective, productive, and successful. Besides this, the successful businesswoman is a trainer, life coach, and counselor for teens and young generations passionate about helping young people set up their goals, study skills, cope with emotions, and remove emotional blockages, making them realize their true potentials. She also has been garnered various awards and achievements. Her passion for helping others led to the foundation of NIES.

We at NIES never back off to embrace the changes and including latest courses in our offerings.

– Dr. Ruuparao

What Makes NIES Unique

NIES is one of the promising distance learning centres based in India. The centre offers students the knowledge, skills, confidence, and experience to establish their careers. According to Dr. Rao, NIES has many students who have earned their promotion who have got their first job. There are numerous examples, such as a girl who entered after her PUC had a college issue, as she had to earn a degree for her family. She competed and settled in an MNC with five figures’ salaries; later, it turned six figures. She is now a happy mother and a stern manager who manages a vast team.

Another example is of a boy working as an office boy after completing his courses with them. He is now is a team manager in one of the best FMGG. Dr. Rao proudly asserts, “We have trained more than 10000 thousand students each one has their own success story. Every time each student comes with a promotion or an appointment letter, I feel a sense of happiness and be helpful.”

Offering Innovative Courses

As a multi-dimensional institute, NIES offers a wide range of courses in different segments and sectors. The courses start from BA/BCM/BCA/MCA/Mtech/MBA /Nursery Teacher training to the one who wants to pursue in distance mode and online mode. It also provides various IT courses such as MS Office, Tally, C, C++, Java, web designing, development, e-commerce, and digital marketing courses, suitable for getting into the IT sector for the Aspirants. Along with this, NIES is also into the training of various vocational courses such as HR Management, Marketing management, sales, and personality development courses to boost a career in the management sector.

To keep abreast of market trends, the institute has hired content developers from both national and outside. It also offers new-age courses such a Neuro-linguistic Programming courses to have an overall development in the profession and personal field. “We see to that right materials are prepared. LMS modules are included in our Education system for our students. Every year, we offer a unique but content-rich program for children called Anuhya summer camp, which focuses on Life skills,”says Dr. Rao.

Creating Anuhya Summer Camp For Kids’ Development

NIES has introduced Anuhya Summer Camp, a gateway for kids to escape from the usual routine to explore, learn, and develop their own interests. This camp’s motive is for the children to learn, let them think outside the box, let them know their passions, whether it be a sport, adventure, science, literature, art, and everything that sparks their interest. The camp includes stay, a camp routine, learning sessions through the day, application sessions, entertainment, meeting other campers, campfire sessions, and more! Kids are encouraged to develop their own style of learning to do various things. A camp away from home for a week sure excites them. This also lets them become independent and social to be able to be around campers from various backgrounds.

Offering Study Abroad Consultancy And Career Guidance

Dr. Rao’s company, NIES realized that there is a significant need to understand what an educational aspirant’s true passion and importance is, so the company has started career counseling not just for distance learners, but also for everyone. This career counseling is just a report based but an in-depth one on one session by a career counseling specialist. Through the company, Dr. Rao used to get many international education inquiries. Then she decided to assist them by guiding them in selecting the right university and country and course. Therefore, the company is specialized in its service-oriented approach merged with expertise.


Dr. Rao states that distance education is a trend, but many businesses ignore students from this distance learning institute. Students who complete their course in distance mode have an advantage of experience. This will allow the organization to reduce its training costs. Distance learning plays a crucial role in determining the people’s life those discontinued. The probability of each person pursuing higher education is not a small accomplishment that should be overlooked. Therefore, NIES is introducing the different courses of short term and long term in IT, Vocational as well as personality development.

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