Shilpa Mittal: An Unwavering Force Breaking The Language Barriers


As women have entered the management arena, it has become apparent that women provide new viewpoints and different ways to work with and treat people that can achieve the same or better outcomes. Also, over the past years, the trend towards women in leadership positions seems to be on the rise. Because of this trend, women entrepreneurs are now leading organizations and becoming successful businesswomen. At the same time, they are encouraging other women to build their presence in the business world. One such successful businesswoman who has made a name for herself is —Shilpa Mittal, the CEO of Ulatus.

Shilpa is known for her keen sense of identifying new opportunities and combining innovation with strategic ability. As an All-India Rank holder Chartered Accountant, she enjoyed working in renowned financial institutions like Citibank, HSBC, and Morgan Stanley. The versatile leader also has been part of the Treasury teams and even worked in Equity Research. Today, through Ulatus, Shilpa is bridging the gap of language barriers, thereby helping companies go internationally and connect with their audience in the language they understand.

One only needs true hard work and dedication to become successful. So if you’re determined to achieve your goals, there is no stopping you.

– Shilpa Mittal

Paving Way In The Business World

Shilpa’s journey as an entrepreneur was not a walk in the park. To make Ulatus as huge & renowned, she defected multiple challenges, conventional mind-sets, and defied against all the odds. Today as the CEO, the successful businesswoman is involved in all aspects of the business. She oversees different areas such as defining the product, client satisfaction, overall management, HR and culture of the company, IT Quality, and the smooth functioning of their operations. Shilpa claims, “Despite how exhausting it might sometimes be, there is a lot of satisfaction in creating something from scratch and taking it to the next level. But I encourage my team managers to treat their units as their own, so they pretty much work like intrapreneurs.”

A Premier Language Solutions Provider

Incepted in 2005, Ulatus is one of the world’s foremost language solutions providers and among the 1% of translation companies in the world to be ISO 17100:2015 certified. The company always goes the extra mile to get customer loyalty and has built a range of revolutionary technology solutions to make all of its operations seamless and highly effective. With cutting-edge technology at its disposal, it is equipped to deliver high-quality language solutions and unmatched customer satisfaction consistently. To help clients overcome language barriers, Ulatus offers a wide range of localization solutions that includes translation (over 50 languages), website localization, finance localization, medical and pharma localization, transcreation and marketing translation, book translation, game localization, and software and app localization. To further improve its services, the company has recently launched an end-to-end e-learning solution for companies.

Connecting Team Members via Technology

Teamwork plays a vital role in the organization’s growth and success. Due to the pandemic, all employees of Ulatus are working remotely. Therefore, Shilpa always motivates staff to make the best of their circumstances, whether they are favorable or not. To ensure and maintain proper communication at every level, she does face-to-face calls with her managers regularly. She asks them to do the same with their respective teams so that they can maintain the personal connection despite being in different locations. Shilpa asserts, “Although times are tough, we constantly remind ourselves that it’s only a temporary phase, and we should use this period as an opportunity to put ourselves in a position of growth when things do get better.”

Overthrowing Pandemic Challenges

Irrespective of any vertical or industry, every business is affected by COVID-19. However, “It has not really affected things significantly, either positive or negative,” says Shilpa. She believes that her business is based on a solid foundation, and anything temporary can’t affect it. The industry does not seem to be significantly affected by the pandemic from all the reports that she has read.

Furthermore, according to Shilpa, her topmost priority right now is the safety of the employees. To do this, she declared work-from-home for all employees long before the official announcement of lockdowns in the country. Given the lockdown relief, the passionate leader intends for all employees to continue working remotely until she knows the situation has become more stable. Shilpa understands that quality and customer service are paramount from a client relationship point of view. So with her team, she has resorted to technical approaches to ensure this is not compromised. Remote file access and video conferencing tools have been rolled out to ensure smooth operational processes.

Achieving Big Goals

This year is going to bring significant changes to Ulatus. Shilpa plans to establish the company as an upcoming player in the e-learning solutions industry. Ulatus aims to expand its localization business in regions such as Canada, Australia, and the UK. These tactics will play a crucial role in the growth and further success of Ulatus and connect all walks of life across the globe.

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