Nishir Gordhandas: A Creative Leader Expanding Technology Reach through NWDCo

Creativity in the business world is all about problem-solving, inspiring others, and pivoting on dimes. And with a global pandemic revolving around us, the role of creative CEOs has changed as they have the knack to look at things in new ways and solve problems by seeing things others don’t.

One such creative leader having out-of-the-thinking, passionate about technology and innovation, and determined to bring change through his focused endeavours is none other than Nishir Gordhandas, the CEO of NWDCo Software Solutions LLP

The Mastermind behind the NWDCo

As a CEO and techie, Nishir has always been looking for innovative solutions & ready to explore new technologies to continue evolving the business. Under his innovative and futuristic vision, the professional team of NWDCo is striving hard and smart to transform their client’s businesses. 

The notion of establishing NWDCo came to the creative leader when his father brought a computer to him, and his brother, Maulik Gordhandas (Director and co-founder) and a page created on Rediff got viral. At that time, someone contacted from there asking if the co-founders could build his company website. Recalling his memories, Nishir states, “What got me most excited than was ‘Someone’s actually paying me for this’.

Delivering Comprehensive Solutions

Today, NWDCo’s mission is to help clients attain their business goals by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, optimal technology, and innovations to help them Technovate their Business. The company caters to a comprehensive portfolio of clients across industries and has spread its wings to Asia’s financial district, Hong Kong. Its offerings start from Consultancy to developing custom software, mobile app, cloud infrastructure, or a corporate portal / Ecom website & corporate digital marketing.

Creating Balanced Work System to Reach Full Potential

The responsibilities of the CEO are not limited as there are many things a CEO has to perform in order to achieve success. Similarly, Nishir, along with his brother, Maulik used to handle everything in the beginning: build websites, software, talk to clients, test, and support, to name a few things. Over a period of time, the co-founding duo has divided their tasks to establish a more focused strategy, with Nishir overseeing company development and Maulik overseeing operations.

Due to the current situation, they have the added obligation of doing everything they can to keep their colleagues and families safe. Since the co-founding duo is working on Cloud for the past 15 months, the team members are spread across India. Nonetheless, in these difficult times, the creative CEO has attempted to reach out to them by providing any assistance they required.

Nishir arranged a Covid-19 Vaccination drive to ensure the safety of his team members & their families. Furthermore, by providing vaccines, NWDCo is trying to minimize the impact of the pandemic and take care of its team in such difficult times.

The Unique Culture of NWDCo

The motto of NWDCo is ‘Technovate,’ which means Technology + Innovation. The company has a great work culture that pushes its employees to think outside the box, plan their deliverables ahead of time, and do simple things like look out for each other. Another approach is to follow a strict unspoken policy of not calling or emailing someone who is on leave. The company has also created an enjoyable environment for its team through activities like ‘Fun@Office,’ ‘Frrriiii Talks,’ Picnic, etc. round the year, ensuring to maintain a healthy working environment.

Overcome Pandemic Challenges

As we already know, the pandemic has negatively impacted human lives. Therefore, Nishir took specific early action as an organization at this challenging time. First, he informed his teams that no one would be fired; second, he guaranteed everyone that there would be no salary cuts and that they would be paid at the beginning of each month. “From work perspective, we introspected & took this opportunity to evolve as a team, by building our skillset & learning new technologies,” says CEO Nishir. 

Furthermore, the creative CEO, along with his team, brought forward an entire range of Contactless Technologies – Kveso, which was displayed by Hotels Like Taj Mahal Palace, to create a safe guest experience. For this, the company received the Pandemic Bravery Awards in an event supported by the Govt of India. These achievements were further recognized by Amazon, which crowned them as Innovator of the Year 2021.

Setting Key Milestones

The CEO Nishir believes that 2021 will be unique in its own right. He along with his team have spent the last year and a half working on a variety of technologies to get NWDCo ready for the new technologies that businesses will demand in the post-COVID era. This is because companies are using technology to improve their regular business process and scale up their operations. Nishir proudly asserts, “As a company we look forward to expand our horizons across new geographies in 2021.

To achieve this, NWDCo will launch a new product called, which uses Blockchain Technology. The developed product’s mission to help organizations explore innovative technologies for their business. With the advent of Blockchain technology, has developed several tools and modules for industries to employ in order to not only scale up their products, but also to benefit from the trust and security that Blockchain provides.

Thoughts on Pandemic Impact in the Industry

The creative CEO believes that although technology has been spared from a complete shutdown, we have undoubtedly been impacted because we rely on other industries for employment. We are also aware of some software companies that have closed their doors.

People will be more accepting of technology in the long run, according to Nishir, who believes that people will be able to work from anywhere using Remote Cloud, build process automation tools to help them internally and for their customers build their brand website, mobile app, eCom stores, and, of course, digital marketing, where the most traction is.

Words for Future Generation

Utilise the time at hand to learn a new skill or to see how you as an organisation can function better, define or redefine processes, as this is the only time you have to relook at things & make necessary changes / upgrades.” — Nishir Gordhandas

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